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Debby Ryan, platinum blonde

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Boarding at Virginia beach :) #virginiabeach #skateboard #pennyboard

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Not sure of the direction we’re taking on the way back, but we’re likely to go off to more states :)

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mickleburger (sorry I’m on my phone :P) I’m totally googling all of his!!!!! The Falls looks so beautiful! I’ve also been looking for climbing stuff. There’s a zip line safari thing which sounds cool. I think we’re going to some gem cave tour thing tomorrow, and begin to drive down to Myrtle Beach in SC. And then to Charlotte! There are also plantation places and stuff. They’re usually interesting. Oh! And we’re looking at some theme park for my sister haha!

As for DC….Can’t wait :). I went five years ago but didn’t really take in the history as much as I should have done. Yay!! Thanks for the help. Boops!

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mickleburger - I’m at VA tonight but we haven’t decided what’s happening tomorrow!! I’m road tripping but might be hanging around for a day or so..? :D I know I’m gonna go back to DC to spend a couple of days there at the end of the trip though :)

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Washington D.C to Virginia. Where to tomorrow?

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